Welcome to Desert Scales & Weighing Equipment

Desert Scales & Weighing Equipment, Inc., is a full service scale company, offering a complete line of new scales: mechanical and electronic such as motor truck, low profile platform, cattle scales, warehouse scales, hopper scales and industrial scales from grams to railroad track scales. We also have a complete line of mobile scales used on trucks and trailers in cattle feeding operations and many other applications.

  • Installations on all types of weighing equipment
  • Complete Turn-Key Projects for truck scales, livestock scales, and foundations
  • Moving Services for moving your scales from one location to another
  • Repair Services will bring your equipment back into commercial weighing tolerances
  • Testing and Certifications services on your existing equipment to ensure accuracy
  • Software for data management setup for your weighing equipment using your computer
  • Consultation provided for all of your weighing needs

Desert Scales